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Knowledge Base

Campus Best Practice provides open access to all its reports to help NRENs, Campus and Departmental IT services share experiences and knowledge across the R&E community.


The CBP team have divided these reports into six key themes to help focus on the issues most relevant to the users. In addition a number of reports have been produced highlighting the experiences of users and NRENS. Members of the CBP teams can access and contribute to future documents through the Wiki.

Physical infrastructure

This area addresses the requirements for generic cabling systems on campus, fibre and twisted pair.

Campus Networking

This area deals with the campus network, with routers and switches as its basic building blocks.


This area focuses on the wireless infrastructure on campus.

Network Monitoring

This area focuses on network monitoring of the campus network.

Real-time Communications

This area recommends infrastructures for real-time communications with an emphasis on open standards.


This area deals with security considerations for the campus network.




​In addition to best practice documents a number of reports are available to download.


​Visit the Campus Best Practice external wiki.