eduGAIN Success Stories

An initial customer of the eduGAIN service is GÉANT’s GIdP, an identity provider system where user identities and attributes are registered to enable access and authorisation.

Otto Kreiter, DANTE Services Manager explains, "GIdP provides services for European users who otherwise would not have access to state-of-the-art managed AAI (Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure) services. By joining the eduGAIN interfederation, GIdP users will gain access to an enlarged number of AAI federations throughout Europe, where users of this service will be able to access IT resources."

Multi-Domain Security
eduGAIN is also benefiting Multi-Domain Security (MDS) for the GÉANT multi-domain services, for example Bandwidth on Demand (BoD).

Wayne Routly, Security Manager for GÉANT Services explains, "The reason for this is that eduGAIN provides critical multi-domain identity management and has therefore allowed multiple NREN security experts to securely and easily connect to a centralised knowledge base using their own NREN credentials – without the need to create additional logon accounts. In this way eduGAIN has facilitated and enabled secure NREN collaboration to support GÉANT multi-domain services."